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About Lena Gray

What is Lena Gray

Legal Entity - Trust
Birthplace, and Home of the TAP way
Mother of, Birthplace, and Home of the
Financial Sustainability
TAP Community Hub
Psychology of Neuro Synergistic Self Actualisation
Resource Developers Nest
Intellectual Property Safe Hold
Quality Assurance
Licensing Body

What is TAP

TAP is “The Total Accelerator Program”

At Lena Gray we think of TAP as a way of being, a way of operating, a way of thinking. It is a mindset, a style, and an approach. With TAP as our approach is what we bring to everything we do. We further define TAP as;

Total = Whole and Complete
Accelerator = Faster Quality Outcomes
Program = Specific and targeted packages

We are 100% committed to developing and providing the Complete Package - No Hype, No Short
cuts, and No hidden Up-sells

We are a Supportive community who commit to giving back more than we get

We are a community of L&D industry experts who are also committed to Community and Social Development

The TAP Approach is:

• To think concentrically about the entire impact zone and incentivise for community through TAP initiatives.
• Provide all learning in the shortest timeframe possible without compromising quality
• Strategically consider the wider community collective impact
• To Pin point the key Leverage points for growth, stability and sustainability
• Make the highest quality L&D available and accessible to all
• Focussed and Purposeful Incremental Development and Growth
• Social Development Solution focus
• Straight and Deliberate thinking
• Tactical Skill and Mindset Equilibrium
• To give the Customer exactly what they need so they can to do exactly what they need to do.

What Drives US?

To be in a space where we can demonstrate the Vision mission and values of the Lena Gray Trust and the TAP approach attitude to develop a sense of community and a leadership centric culture.

Provide wrap around learning and development solutions through to fruition - leaving customers with a sense of “feeling more complete and confident” as they express themselves in the areas of their lives where otherwise they would not. For Example, The “Complete Leader” with nothing missing.

Develop and make available systems (including processes, procedures, physical resources) that provide safe and sustainable outcomes for and within the wider community.

Develop and make available - Learning and Development Whole Learning Systems that provide for Total Accelerated learning experiences and evidence of transferable skill.

Provide Simulation, Applied and/or Sticky Learning methodologies to ensure hands on, fun, engaging, and self empowered learning and application beyond the formal learning and development space Develop and provide Learning and Development Solutions that ensure a person or group are Self empowered and have a strong sense of self determination.

What is TAP Community Incentivising?

We exist to create, leverage and seize collaborative opportunities to and for the benefit our communities.

We position ourselves to capacity build, support and enable communities to lead, develope, and grow themselves.

Our Vision:

Being the No.1 International Driver of Community Incentivising through Leadership and Learning Effervescence, we are where all peoples of the world come to learn, lead-out, and actively grow their communities.

We lead out by demonstrating how when we bring our internationally renowned learning and development expertise, and our TAP collective impact and innovation approach, we mobilise and Incentivise Communities worldwide.

Our Mission:

• We Put People, and Relationships of Trust First
• We harness Ecosystems thinking - The Benefits of our efforts must be for all. If someone is going to miss out then its a no-go! We think strategically and systemically for the benefit of all
• We continuously research and develop TAP packages to meet the demand of today and tomorrows.
• We Develop and provide tomorrows solutions today
• We Capacity Build Communities
• We Build Strong Traditional and non-traditional Community Leaders Worldwide
• We continuously seek to create Community Incentivising opportunities
• We stay abreast of collaboration opportunities that progress Social and Community Development
• We Provide Total Package Solutions. No Guff - Just the right stuff

We develope, and grow vibrant Learners, Learning, and Learning Communities to be More, do more and have more. We do this in the TAP way by providing the total learning, relationship and community support needed to shape strong traditional and non-traditional Community Leaders and communities worldwide.

We capacity build communities, and lead out with a culture of community incentivising. We ensure effervescent and incentivising learning, learners, leaders, and self sustaining communities.

Our Values:

To ensure the success of our mission we are value and principle centred. We permeate our values throughout all aspects of who we are and what we do at Lena Gray and TAP

At Lena Gray - We Value Optimising PEOPLE, PROCESS, PERFORMANCE, PROFIT therefore we Show Respect, Have Fun, Stay Fresh, Be Disruptive Innovators, and Deliver Quality

PEOPLE - Show Respect by being authentically interested, engaged, compassionate, trust worthy and present to those we serve

PROCESS - Have Fun with, and in, all we do

PERFORMANCE - Stay Fresh and on the cutting edge of trends

PROFIT - Disruptive Innovation - Do what is not being done

OTIMISE - We Deliver Quality by being Relevant, Adding value, Doing More, Eye for Detail


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