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What Drives US

To be in a space where we can demonstrate the Vision mission, and Values of the Lena Gray Trust, and the TAP approach to aid developing a sense of community, and a leadership centric culture.

Provide wrap around learning and development solutions through to fruition – leaving customers with a sense of “feeling more complete and confident” as they express themselves in areas of their lives where otherwise they would not. E.g. The “Complete Leader” with nothing missing.

Develop and make available systems (including processes, procedures, physical resources) that provide safe and sustainableoutcomes for, and within the wider community.

Developing and make available – Learning and Development Whole Learning Systems that provide for Total Accelerated learning experiences, and evidence oftransferable skill.

Provide Simulation, Applied and/or Sticky Learning methodologies to ensure hands on, fun, engaging, and self empowered learning and application – beyond the formal learning and development space

Develop and provide Learning and Development Solutions that ensure a person or group are Self empowered and have a strong sense of self determination.



WPLMS is an online education site which imparts knowledge and skills to million of users worldwide.

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