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What is TAP

TAP is “The Total Accelerator Program”

TAP is a way of being, a way of operating, a way of thinking. It is a mindset, a style, and an
approach. TAP as an approach that guides to what we bring to everything we do, and the way we do that.

Total = Whole and Complete
Accelerator = Quality Outcomes Quicker
Program = Specific and targeted Thinking

We are 100% committed to developing and providing the Complete Package – No Hype, No Short cuts, and No hidden Up-sells

We are a Supportive community who commit to giving back more than we get
We are a community of L&D industry experts who are also committed to Community and Social Development


  • To think concentrically about all we impact and filter for community incentivising opportunities in all we do.
  • Building strong collaborative community relationships for a wider collective impact on community demographics.
  • Strategically consider the wider community collective impact
  • To Pin point the key Leverage points for growth, stability, and sustainability
  • Make the highest quality L&D available and accessible to all
  • Deliver all learning in the shortest timeframe possible without compromising quality
  • Focussed and Purposeful Incremental Development and Growth
  • Having an International Social Development Solution focus
  • The balance and harmony of Tactical Skill and Mindset Equilibrium – Straight and Deliberate thinking
  • To give our communities exactly what they need, so they can to do exactly what they need to do.


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