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Raised and residing in the far north of New Zealand Lena Gray is Authentic, Inspirational, Passionate, Reputable, and a Highly sought after International Trainer, Facilitator, Executive Performance Coach, Keynote Presenter and Developer of Neuro Synergy and The Total Actualisation Psychology.

She is Founder and Managing Director of TAP Think®, Social Leadership Specialist at Wikiaffect, Developer of the Total Actualisation Psychology©; Founder and Developer of Neuro Synergy.




While developing the field of Neuro Synergy and TAP Think® her journey began with gaining qualifications as an Internationally Licensed Neuro Semantic and NLP Master Trainer (ISNS – South Africa), Professional certified Meta-Coach (ACMC, MCF – Sydney, and PCMC – San Francisco 2010), and a Licensed International Meta-Coach Trainer (Colorado 2013). Former roles in this environment included – Director of the NZ Meta Coach Foundation, board member on the International Leadership team for International Society of Neuro-Semantics and NLP.


Lena is a Social Leadership development specialist, a highly experienced facilitator and group coach, corporate trainer, and Executive Coach who gets results. With the belief that we are never not leading, she congruently leads out by aligning with her own message. While developing Leaders at all levels in various organisations and areas both in-house and in public forums, she herself has and continues to Lead-Out by consistently working towards achieving world firsts in her own fields of expertise. Lena was the first female Neuro-Semantic Master Trainer in the world. She is also the first female to have embarked on and achieved both Licensed Master Trainer and Meta-Coach Trainer status synonymously in New Zealand and worldwide in the field of NS and NLP. She continues to hold these positions along with that of the developer in her current roles within TAP Think® and The Global Association of Neuro Synergy.


She is a standout People, Process, Potential, Performance Enhancement agent across the board. Lena delivers results in every instance with her unique and powerful cutting edge training, coaching technologies, her unique impact style, over 2 decades of active experience in both private and public sector, and developing and defining leaders in their respective areas worldwide. With her Authentic, natural approach, communication style, and her persistent belief that potential is within us all, she is an outstanding Trainer, Coach, and Leader.


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