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Why Online and Offline Training?

There are endless benefits of online and blended online training! But, at Lena Gray we also hold fast the value of offline training. So, our solution is to ensure we provide both. This means that, with us, you get double the value – you get the best of both worlds. At Lena Gray we are about ensuring that you have the ability to learn whenever and wherever you like coupled with having access to a real live human.

Why Online and Blended Online Training at Lena Gray?
Online training is considered a more attractive option, for some because you are provided the flexibility of choice – to learn when you are ready. Other benefits include being able to learn in an environment of your choice, eliminating the costs associated with organising and paying for travel, accommodation, and food, and cutting into your precious holiday leave, or worse taking days of work off without pay.

Another benefit, perhaps not quite so obvious, is that online and blended online training allows you to learn and get instant feedback and results for your efforts. But that’s not all. With blended online training, you also have to advantage of repeating modules, as you desire, to solidify your learning. The latter isn’t typically an option you’re offered in a live training event.

While we value and deliver offline or venue based training we strive to provide solutions for those who simply can’t get to that forum. We are committed to making our training accessible to all. So, we moved quickly to blend. What we mean by ‘blend’ is “Virtual learning but with a real person” with benefits of flexible, low-cost learning, and a real human with industry expertise that you can question, reflect with and discuss your learning experience and advancement with.

We hope this provides the necessary insight you need to take full advantage of high-quality learning content and high-quality learning experiences. And, we look forward to seeing you online and offline. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to get started. Remember, we’re committed to your learning effervescence. Contact Us to find out more about how we can assist your awesomeness!

August 22, 2017

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