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NAME : Rowena Gotty

Offers two decades of management experience in business development, and personnel & operations management, with a specialty in non-profit organisations.

Rowena is an Accredited Meta Coach (ACMC), a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Semantics and a Transformational Change Agent, with additional career experience in assessments, referrals, client advocacy, and case management. She is also active in community advocacy & support.

Her vast training and education includes time spent at Victoria University, as part of the MBA programme aswell as furtherstudy at Mindsuite Ltd., Ignition, and the Central Institute of Technology, and the NZ Institute of Management.

Among numerous and certifications and specialties accumulated through her ongoing dedication to training, Rowena has studied the likes of: problem solving & decision analysis, organisational behaviour, effective communication, conflict resolution, self actualization, transformational change, managing effective workplace relationships, team effectiveness, managing risk and quality customer service, facilitating continuous improvement, and managing projects and people.


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