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For over 2 decades now Lena has seen what is possible when we understand how to get the best out of ourselves. She has dedicated her life to learning and translating the complexity of the social cognitive neurosciences into easy to use thought models that prompt duplicatable and sustainable outcomes. The ultimate driving force behind her work is to see people living life to their full potential and thriving consistently on their own terms by way of their own understanding of the mechanics of their mind.

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Lena's professional journey began with her desire to understand the process of change in order to be a part of assisting others to master their lives. After a decade of learning, coaching and training she realised that much of what she learned was psuedo-science so she committed herself to research the social cognitive neurosciences. For the following decade she developed models that are now the foundation of the field of Neuro Synergy and the Total Actualisation psychology.

Through her years of experience working in the learning and development industry, she has seen what a difference good coaching, and training can make. Lena’s passionate about helping individuals and organisations achieve personal and professional satisfaction, by equipping them with the knowledge and tools required to realise their full potential.

She is an authentic, straight-talking voice in an industry filled with buzzwords and vague promises. Lena's work has paved the way for her and her co-trainers to reach out to even more people. Since 2003 she’s been offering transformational training and coaching using the principles of Neuro-Synergy and Total Actualisation to thousands and has achieved worldwide recognition for her work.

Lena Gray is about bringing sense, support, and practical skills to the world.

Meet Lena

Dedicated to helping individuals and businesses to thrive


Lena Gray

Researcher, Developer, Author

Trainer and Coach

She is a standout provider in Performance Enhancement across the board. Lena delivers results in every instance with her unique and powerful cutting edge training and coaching technology, coupled with over 20 years of experience in both private and public sector developing and defining leaders in their respective areas worldwide. With her Authentic, natural approach and communication style, and her persistent belief that potential is within us all, she is an outstanding Trainer, Coach and Leader.

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