Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is tyically focussed on an individuals life. This includes their life/work balance, goals, purpose and knowledge, relationships, health, career and profession, wealth, lifestyle, value clarification and the like.

Within Personal Coaching there are many specialised areas:

Life Coaching, Health Coaching Spiritual Coaching, Sales Coaching, Kids and Teens Coaching, Relationship Coaching Career coaching, Wealth Coaching, Image Coaching Negotiation Coaching, Unbullyable Coaching Values Coaching, Goal Setting Coaching Financial Planning, Easy Learning Coaching...

Business Coaching

Business coaching looks at processes and functions within the structure to help the business to work more efficiently.

Business Coaching addresses marketing, positioning, visioning, financial management, people management, skill enhancement, interpersonal skills, time management, problem-solving, creativity, productivity, dealing with difficult people, stress management, customer service, etc.

Some specialist areas are Creativity and Innovation, Coaching Customer Service, Coaching Time Management, Coaching Sales, Development Coaching, Stress Management Coaching, Problem-Solving Coaching, Group Coaching, Team Coaching, Brand Development Coaching.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching focusses on leadership, management, vision and mission, grooming individuals for senior management and CEO roles.

Executive Coaching focuses on performance by coaching skill enhancement in such areas as presentation skills, negotiation, emotional intelligence, relationship management, tough conversations, career development, and other area that define great leadership.

Some specialist areas are Leadership Coaching, Political Coaching, Presentation Coaching, Vision & Mission Coaching, Relationship Coaching, People development coaching.


Coaching Programs

Lena provides professional coaching to meet diverse needs, experience levels, and targeted results. You can choose to partner or bring Lena in to work with you or your team for 3, 6, 12 or 24-month terms. She also offers one -off 1:1 coaching in special situations.

Talk it over with Lena to choose the best program for you.


Kinds of Coaching

Lena's coaching expertise is expansive and covers both personal to professional coaching.

Her specialist areas in coaching are Executive Coaching, Group and Team Coaching, Business Coaching (Internal and External), Shadow Coaching and Personal Coaching



Partner Lena and...

Fastrack your way from surviving and striving to thriving!

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