LEAD IN with Applied Self Leadership

$995.00 $695.00

February 26th – 28th, 2020

9am t0 4.30pm

Location: Auckland, NZ

Be the Leader in Your Life

“Live by Design Not by Default”

To be and feel effective in every area of your life, it is essential to have a firm understanding of how your brain works and how to make it work for you.

Take charge of the one thing you have ultimate control over – You.

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To be and feel effective in every area of your life, it is essential to have a firm understanding of how your brain works. This Lead-In Training guides you through the theory, principles, practical nature and the social cognitive neuroscience of the Inside and Out job – How the brain works and how to work with it.

Your knowledge of these fundamentals will determine your ability to discern between what will make a difference, what will really make the difference, and how to make that difference real in your own life. Your personal and professional commitment, and self-application over these 3 days will also impact how well you are able to interact and relate with others to navigate the traverse of their amazing brains through their conversations with you.

LEAD-IN *(Module 1 of the Lead Coach Professional Pathway) This a certification Training

Over 3 days you will learn:

• The Neuro Synergy Model – How to Think not What to Think

• Introduction to the Social Brain and Total Actualisation

• The Scientific Method and How to Apply it in Everyday Thinking

• Formula 1 Thinking and Shaping Mindsets

• Shaping Self Esteem

• Shaping Self Determination

• Shaping Habits

• Shaping Belief Systems

• Shaping your Emotional Code

• Shaping Straight Thinking

• Shaping Logic and Application to Close the Gap

• Shaping Creative Solutions

• Shaping Value-Based Thinking

• Shaping Rationale

• Shaping Total Actualisation Performance

*This training is also is a practical journey for Lead-Coaches in training. Lead-In will give you your first introduction to the sciences behind the Lead Coach Professional Training Pathway and Qualification.


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