LEAD OUT with Coaching Fundamentals


March 16th – 19th, 2020

9am – 4.30pm

Location: Auckland, NZ

Make a Profound Difference in Others Lives

Lead by Design Not Default

Connecting and interacting with others and being a part of their successes is only a challenge when you don’t know what it takes, or what to do to get them there.

Lead Out gives you the “know-how”, the “know-what”, the “know-when”, and the “know-why” of communication excellence.

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The primary goal in Lead-Out is for you to learn, and apply the key principles, models and techniques to make a positive difference in others lives by refining your ability to shape your own experiences and to manage our own mindset so that you come from the most resourceful place and have conversations that mobilise or activate profound realisations in others.

LEAD-OUT *(Module 2 of the Lead Coach Professional Pathway) This a Certification Training

You will Learn how to:

Form Genuine Relationships of Trust

Forming and maintaining quality relationships

Initiate open, transparent and vulnerable conversations.

Master authentic interactions and connection through Questioning 

Micro Questioning for information gaining

Macro questioning for getting to the self-regulators 

Peel back the layers of synergised logic and illogic

Uncover leverage points for change, decision making, and motivation.

Dismantle to Detect Pivotal Conversation Points 

Recognise consistent patterns for approaching experiences 

Keep you out of the way of others growth 

Be Effective at Feeding back and Forward to Gain Momentum

Tracking information and patterns of thinking

Setting Firm Accountability Frameworks for Action

Navigate and Facilitate Holistic Performance

Having natural flowing conversations that seed agreeable outcomes

A respectful and engaging exploration

Facilitate and test Understanding, Realisation, Decision, Motivation, Confidence or Change     

*This training is also is a practical journey for Lead-Coaches in training. Lead-In will give you your first introduction to the sciences behind the Lead Coach Training System and Qualification framework.


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