Self Determining Solutions for a Life by Design


February 3rd, 2020 

9am – 4.30pm

Location: Auckland, NZ

Take What is Yours to Have and Use – Self Determining Solutions for a Life by Design

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This is a Life-Changing one day workshop!

Being in charge of our own destiny without interruption from external influences is fundamental to us feeling alive, and significant. Because it matters, we strive to have it, or at the very least get a sense of it on a daily basis. We wake up and go to sleep with the desire to have it. Unfortunately, with all of our trying we seldom acquire it and are left feeling as though we are on the receiving end of random events. The great news is that Self-determination is innate and just waiting to be made a part of your everyday experience. In just one day you will not only experience it, but you will also have the key to unlock your personal freedom at will beyond your one day with Lena.

You will spend a fun and fruitful day in this transformational workshop learning how to:

  1. Identify and manage what makes you tick and what ticks you off
  2. Stay true to your values
  3. Stick to your guns and not become unhinged
  4. Handle the words and actions of others
  5. Say “NO”
  6. Manage your feelings in situations that you otherwise wouldn’t
  7. Initiate, build, grow, restore and even save valuable relationships
  8. Stay in control of you and eliminate the need to control others
  9. Move away and stay away from the victim mentality
  10. Shape realistic expectations
  11. Eliminate being guilted or becoming the guilt-er
  12. Get your sense of being centered and stay that way
  13. Consistent effective and purposeful communication
  14. Own only what is yours to own


This is a must-do training – You can’t afford not to do it!

And, you will thank yourself for it



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