The Emotions End Game


December 17th – 18th, 2020

9am – 4.30pm

Location: Auckland, NZ

Take Charge of Your Emotions to Take charge of your End Game

Feel by Design Not by Default

While this training is packed with neuroscience gems that are guaranteed to fascinate,

you will be introduced to the latest technology that will enable you to unpack,

understand, and utilise your emotions like never before.

Master your emotions and be you by design not default

Catch the End of Decade Earlybird – Down from $595 to $395 until October 31st


Life Made Easy

To stay ahead of the game and be a truly great leader in your life and the lives of those you influence. The Emotions Endgame brings you the latest scientific breakthroughs on Emotional Intelligence. And, will provide a clear understanding of why we must move away from the non-sense of yesteryear on Emotions. Learn the truth about emotions and how to crack the Emotional Code to Lead the life you want and be a positive influence in the lives of others.

You will Learn:

1. The Social-Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotions

• Be scientifically grounded and conduct whole person conversations with others • Be sure you are Leading In and Leading out well with evidence-based information

2. What Emotions are and what they are not

• Have conversations that you would otherwise not have • Have confidence in your ability to discuss how you and others feel • Get results with others and know for sure how you got them

3. The myth of the classical view of Emotions

• Release yourself from approaches that set you up to fail in life and don’t get you or those you associate with any closer to higher and consistent levels of performance or workplace satisfaction

4. How Emotions are not the universal fingerprint that we have been told they are

• Communicate appropriately with others • Move away from the “one size fits all” model when dealing with Emotions

5. Recognize conversations that keep people stuck in their Emotions

• Raise your curiosity about what is actually going on with others and start relating authentically • Eliminate false interpretations of what is happening for others • Experience well-grounded relationships of mutual trust

6. How Emotions come to be

• Have the confidence to construct or reconstruct the appropriate Emotions in conversation with others • Understand how Emotions are made and stored for future use

7. The impact on our Emotions of the people in our path

• Have powerful conversations to craft sustainable relationships

8. Intercepting Emotions

• Pinpoint exactly what makes up an Emotion that either propels or inhibits performance

9. What is Affective Realism?

• Have the ability to step back and view how history shapes your Emotions before, during and after an event • Understand and deal with how your people predict, perceive, and perform according to what is simply not true

10. The relationship between Emotions and Beliefs

• Utilize the Emotional loading in beliefs to ensure they work for you, not against you • Confidently speak to others and their much-valued beliefs

11. Cracking the E-CODE (Emotional Code)

• Neutralize the negative impact of Emotions and get to the heart of achieving performance objectives quickly, while maintaining the integrity of others and your relationship with them

12. Self-application of the E-CODE

• Increase self-determination and your skill to continuously grow you and others in the face of any situation (personal, professional or both)

13. What are the implications for humanity if we continue to apply the classical view of Emotions?

• Know why your relationships hinge on your ability to be and stay emotionally intelligent • Form a pact with yourself to be ever mindful of the complexity of Emotion and how you can unwittingly contribute to the emotional effect on others

14. Make the changes necessary to be at your best for others

• Be a person who is trusted to create a safe place to be vulnerable and authentic where collective progress is experienced and actionable • Be a person who is seen to understand all of the parts that make up the whole of self and others and who respectfully works with these parts


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