Tough Conversations


Date: October 24th and 25th

Location: Auckland

Take Charge of the Situation to

Make Every Conversation Count

There are conversations that we are happy to have, and there are also those conversations that most of us would much prefer to walk away from. These conversations are often referred to as the ‘Red Code Conversations’ 

This 2-day hands-on training is designed to give you the practical knowledge, experience, and confidence to turn a potential disaster into a productive adult conversation.


Conversations Made Easy

Lena has been delivering this one and two day training within organisations and as a result successfully improving transparency, feedback quality, greater levels of understanding in communication, healthier team dynamics, and ultimately higher levels of individual and team performance. 

You will learn:

  • Identify what a “Code Red” conversation is, and how it is uniquely different than  any other conversation you’ll have
  • Gain increased levels of personal confidence in addressing these difficult   meetings
  • Avoid the 7 most common pitfalls when facing a tough and difficult conversation with staff
  • How to ensure the meeting is not hijacked and remains on track
  • Become aware of your initial hesitation or angst to enter into a difficult conversation, and learn proven strategies to overcome them
  • How to remain emotionally calm and centered before and during the meeting
  • Set 3 specific understandings that provide safety, direction, and resolution in worst-case scenario’s


Your Trainer:

There are very few if any trainers that have the extensive background and expertise that Lena has! From her early background origins of working with and training long term unemployed and youth at risk, to presenting in Executive Board rooms and at international conferences Lena is known to for her successes. 

Lena is acknowledged by her peers and her audiences worldwide as a leading authority on Thought Leadership methodologies, The Pyschology of Neuro-Synergy, Total Actualisation Psychology, Rational Reasoning and, in recent years, The Social Brain and The Neuroscience of emotions. She consistently demonstrates time and time again why she is revered in this way. Her highly engaging delivery and inspiring approach, to those she presents to, sets her apart from the average and ensures you will be able to learn today and apply tomorrow.

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