Lena is extremely knowledgeable

Quality Leadership Training

As a trainer and coach Lena is extremely knowledgeable – she is very fast at understanding our business and needs and very skilled in putting together a training/coaching program to address the management and organisational gaps.  Part of Lena’s many strengths was her positive personality which made her very approachable for all staff. Her specialty in Neuro Synergy definitely contributed to the positive results in staff competency.

Lena is always organised and shows 100% commitment to set and maintain schedules for coaching/training sessions with staff but when needed could be flexible to accommodate organisational priorities.  Lena is great with setting standards and ensuring to monitor, analyse and feedback to support where needed to alter behaviour and practice.

A key attribute was her honest and open feedback to management which helped us plan out our organisational wide training to embed values into staff practice.   This has proven to be very successful. 

Lena offered a different approach and these being:

  • Offering one on one with each of the management team to identify areas to focus on and strengthen;
  • Implementing a 360 Tap analysis to help in the individual training plans for management;
  • Providing interactive and meaningful group training sessions;
  • Providing ongoing one on one coaching sessions either face to face or by zoom:
  • Shadowing our practice one on one and giving feedback either in real-time or after the session.

This suite of strategies was great and Lena also came from and integrated a Maori world view into her training /coaching which was what we needed.

Once we saw the benefit of what Lena had to offer we had her implement a couple of day-long training sessions with our whole staff and on areas we had identified as being crucial to the growth of the organisation to more importantly in providing the best service we could to whanau.

Lastly, Lena was able to help us improve our success in recruitment with a redesign of our recruitment process.  In particular the change in our interview questions.  This has been extremely successful as we now are recruiting staff who are aligned to the values of the organisation which had been of immense value to the organisation and whanau.

We have been very happy with the positive outcomes we have had as a result of Lena working with our staff and as such we have referred Lena to a number of Maori organisations to support them with training/coaching and strategic planning.

Tureiti Moxom

Managing Director
Te Kohao Health

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